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No.Date / PublicationTitleLink
0532020, MarchA Plausible “Penny” Costing Effective Treatment for Corona
Virus - Ozone Therapy
Click Here
052 2001, JuneOzone In MedicineClick Here
051 2011, Jan-JunOzone therapy: A clinical reviewClick Here
0501982, Jan 11thThe health implications of water treatment with ozoneClick Here
0492007, May 28thOzone Therapy: Clinical and Basic Evidence of Its Therapeutic PotentialClick Here
0482017, August 11thTherapeutic effects of ozone in patients with diabetic foot ulcers: review of the literature.Click Here
047 2018, Sep 25thOzone therapy for diabetic footClick Here
046 2013, Nov 12thEffects of ozone applied by spinal endoscopy in patients with chronic pain related to failed back surgery syndrome: a pilot studyClick Here
0452018, Dec 18thEffects of oxygen-ozone therapy in the Roth syndrome: a case reportClick Here
0442018, Dec 18thMicrobiological aspects of ozone: bactericidal activity and antibiotic/antimicrobial resistance in bacterial strains treated with ozoneClick Here
0432018, Dec 18thOzone therapy in 40 patients with fibromyalgia: an effective therapyClick Here
0422018, Sep 13thOzone therapy is an effective therapy in chronic fatigue syndrome: result of an Italian study in 65 patientsClick Here
0412018, Sep 13thThe use of intraoperative oxygen-ozone therapy to prevent capsular contracture in breast augmentationClick Here
0402018, Apr 30thOxygen-ozone and α-lipoic acid in the treatment of peripheral neuropathies conflicting therapies or synergistic association?Click Here
0392018, Apr 30thPharmacoeconomic analysis of ozone therapy supported by agent based process simulation and data miningClick Here
0382018, Apr 30thOzone therapy in painful lipodystrophies. A preliminary studyClick Here
0372018, Apr 30thNew frontiers in rehabilitation. Oxygen-ozone therapy and neuronal plasticity in the treatment of Parkinson’ symptomsClick Here
0362018, Apr 30thOxygen-ozone therapy in prevention and rehabilitation of myocardium infarctClick Here
0352018, Mar 23rdOxygen Healing TherapiesClick Here
0342017, Dec 31stThe use of ozonated water and rectal insufflation in patients with intestinal dysbiosisClick Here
0332017, Dec 31stOxygen-ozone therapy in the treatment of functional overload syndromes of music professionalsClick Here
0322017, Dec 31stShoulder adhesive capsulitis, treatment with oxygen ozone: Technique and resultsClick Here
0312017, Dec 31stTreatment of piriformis syndrome with oxygen-ozone therapyClick Here
0302017, Oct 4thOxygen-ozone therapy in a multidisciplinary day surgery: Design and ApplicationsClick Here
0292017, Oct 4thOzone therapy in familial hypokalemic myopathyClick Here
0282017, Oct 4thTreatment of digital ulcers with oxygen-ozone therapy in a patient with systemic sclerosisClick Here
0272017, May 30thOphthalmology: ozone therapy applied to dystrophic maculopathyClick Here
0262017, May 30thUse of oxygen-ozone therapy in the treatment of fibromyalgiaClick Here
0252017, May 30thEffects of oxygen ozone therapy on cardiac function in a patient with a prior myocardial infarctionClick Here
0242017, May 30thOzone-based eye drops in anterior segment pathologies: rationale and pre-clinical dataClick Here
0232017, May 30thOxygen-ozone therapy and local administration induced painClick Here
0222016 - Vol 1:6498The treatment of periodontal disease using local oxygen-ozoneClick Here
0212016 - Vol 1:6477The speed of reinfusion affects the vascular system during ozone major autohemotherapyClick Here
0202016 - Vol 1:6549The role of ozone in the treatment of the acute phase of ischemic heart diseaseClick Here
0192016 - Vol 1:6471Possibility of oxygen-ozone therapy in the geriatric patientClick Here
0182016 - Vol 1:6549Anatomic substrate to pain originating in the disc and chronic low back pain posture damage resolutionClick Here
0172016 - Vol 1:6473Short time recovery from severe knee algodystrophy treated with ozone-oxygen autohemotherapyClick Here
0162016, Sep 20thOxygen-Ozone Activity in Making Factory Farms Antibiotic-Free for Prevention of Antibiotic ResistanceClick Here
0152016, Sep 20thIrrepressible Pain Treatment: Small Auto Emo Infusion and Subcutaneous Infiltrations of Oxygen-Ozone Monitored with EchographyClick Here
0142016, Sep 20thOxygen-Ozone Therapy in the Treatment of Tissue Adipose DiseasesClick Here
0132016, Sep 20thObservational Study of a Case of Fibromyalgia Treated with Ozone Therapy: Local and Systemic Effects Documented with Metatron HunterClick Here
0122016, Sep 20thTreatment of Enthesopathies with Peritendinous Injection of Oxygen/Ozone and Ultrasound-Guided CollagenotherapyClick Here
0112016, Sep 20thOxygen-Ozone Therapy: Our Experience in the Treatment of Hard-Root ConflictsClick Here
0102016, Apr 5thOxygen-Ozone Therapy: Paradoxical Stimulation of OzoneClick Here
0092016, Apr 5thFirst Evaluations of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy in Antibiotic-Resistant InfectionsClick Here
0082016, Apr 5thLarge auto-hemoinfusion versus rectal insufflation in patients with metabolic syndromeClick Here
0072016, Apr 5thComparison Among Different Therapeutic Techniques to Treat Low Back Pain: A Monitored Randomized StudyClick Here
0062016, Apr 5thIrrepressible Pain Treatment in a Subject Treated with Posterior Vertebral Arthrodesis for a Chest Lumbar Idiopathic ScoliosisClick Here
0052016, Apr 5thImprovement of Neurological Conditions and Recovery of the Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction Subsequent to Oxygen-Ozone Therapy Through Auto-Hemoinfusion of Ozonated BloodClick Here
0042016, Apr 5thOxygen-Ozone Therapy Effects on PaO2 Value in a Diabetic Patient Suffering From Chronic Peripheral Obliterative ArteriopathyClick Here
0032016, Mar 1stThe Disease-Fighting and Anti-aging Power of Ozone TherapyClick Here
0022007, May 28thOzone Therapy: Clinical and Basic Evidence of Its Therapeutic PotentialClick Here
001Revised 2005Ozone in Medicine: Overview and Future Directions by Gérard V. Sunnen, M.D.Click Here

No.Date / PublicationTitleLink
0102013, Jun 23rdRole of Ozone Therapy in Minimal Intervention Dentistry and Endodontics - A ReviewClick Here
0092012, Feb 22ndOzone therapy in periodonticsClick Here
0082014, Oct 17thOzone Therapy in DentistryClick Here
007 2011, Jul-DecOzone therapy in dentistry: A strategic reviewClick Here
006 2016, May 11thOzone- A Biological Therapy in Dentistry- Reality or Myth?????Click Here
0052018, Dec 18thOxygen-ozone therapy in dentistry: current applications and future prospectsClick Here
0042017, Sep 20thOzone therapy in dentistry: clinical experiencesClick Here
0032016, May 4thDental applications of ozone therapy: A review of literatureClick Here
0022012, Jun 1stOzone in DentistryClick Here
0012009, Vol. 7, No. 2Ozone: A new face of dentistryClick Here

No.Date / PublicationTitleLink
0302006, April 2ndDissolved Ozone in Pharmaceutical Water Systems: How and Where to Measure Dissolved OzoneClick Here
0292015, MarchReduction in residues of deltamethrin and fenitrothion on stored wheat grains by ozone gasClick Here
0282017, DecemberDegradation kinetics of pirimiphos-methyl residues in maize grains exposed to ozone gasClick Here
0272019, MarchCFD modelling of diffusive-reactive transport of ozone gas in rice grainsClick Here
0262015, December 1stOzone fumigation for safety and quality of wine grapes in postharvest dehydrationClick Here
0252018, JulyControl of Brettanomyces bruxellensis on wine grapes by post-harvest treatments with electrolyzed water, ozonated water and gaseous ozoneClick Here
0242016, SeptemberOzone treatments of post harvested wine grapes: Impact on fermentative yeasts and wine chemical propertiesClick Here
0232018, November 6thOpinion on the Hurdles and Potential Health Benefits in Value-Added Use of Plant Food Processing By-Products as Sources of Phenolic CompoundsClick Here
0221995, SeptemberApplication of ozone to water treatment and power consumption of ozone generating systemsClick Here
0212016, April 3rd
Use of ozone in the dairy industry: A reviewClick Here
0202017, July 06th
Ozone in the food industry: Principles of ozone treatment, mechanisms of action, and applications: An overviewClick Here
019n.dApplication of Ozone in Food Processing OperationsClick Here
0182019, Feb 5thOzonized water as an alternative to alcohol-based hand disinfectionClick Here
0172002Benefits of Ozone Treatment for Bottled WaterClick Here
0162006Oxidation of Antibacterial Molecules by Aqueous Ozone: Moiety-Specific Reaction Kinetics and Application to Ozone-Based Wastewater TreatmentClick Here
0152011, May 15thElimination of micropollutants in wastewater treatment plants : Ozonation or activated carbon? Conclusions of a one-year pilot projectClick Here
0142008, JulOzone-Based Technologies in Water and Wastewater TreatmentClick Here
0132017, FebOzonation in water treatment: The generation, basic properties of ozone and its practical applicationClick Here
0122011, DecemberResearch on Ozone Application as Disinfectant and Action Mechanisms on Wastewater MicroorganismsClick Here
Oxidation of Antibacterial Molecules by Aqueous Ozone: Moiety-Specific Reaction Kinetics and Application to Ozone-Based Wastewater TreatmentClick Here
0102001, May 30thWastewater disinfection by ozone: main parameters for process designClick Here
009 2011, SepOzone Application in Recirculating Aquaculture System: An OverviewClick Here
008 2018, Oct 15thEffectiveness of air disinfection by ozonation or hydrogen peroxide aerosolization in dairy environmentsClick Here
007 2019, Jan 29thOzonized water as an alternative to alcohol-based hand disinfectionClick Here
0062018, Nov 15thOzonized Water with Plant Antimicrobials: An Effective Method to Inactivate Salmonella enterica on Iceberg Lettuce in the Produce Wash WaterClick Here
0052017, Jul 20thOzone as an Added Protection in Food Processing ChainClick Here
0042014, Jan 8thIs Ozone The Next Sanitation Superstar?Click Here
0032007, Feb 24thOzone Contribution in Food Industry in JapanClick Here
0022004, Aug 9thGMPs Appendix A: Annotated Bibliography on Food Safety Problems and Recommended ControlsClick Here
0012002, Mar 26thScientists at the North Carolina State University Seafood Laboratory have found a new use for ozone — enhancing the freshness of seafood.Click Here

No.Date / PublicationTitleLink
0312004Effect of Ozone Treatment on Livestock Drinking Water Quality [2001]Click Here
0302013, September 12thOzone Therapy in the Veterinary PracticeClick Here
0292018, May 14thThe microbial killing capacity of aqueous and gaseous ozone on different surfaces contaminated with dairy cattle manureClick Here
0282017, February 14thAddressing Facts and Gaps in the Phenolics Chemistry of Winery By-ProductsClick Here
0272012, April 19thOptimization of Ozonation Process for the Reduction of Excess Sludge Production from Activated Sludge Process of Sago Industry Wastewater Using Central Composite DesignClick Here
0262018, December 11thDifferent Uses of Ozone: Environmental and Corporate Sustainability. Literature Review and Case StudyClick Here
0252017, February 15thThe impact of different barrel sanitation approaches on the spoilage microflora and phenols composition of wineClick Here
0242017, November 17thEffects of ozone-treated domestic sludge on hydroponic lettuce growth and nutritionClick Here
0232018, May 8thEffect of ozone treatment on the quality of grain productsClick Here
0222009, September 30thThe Ozone Laundry Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for the Proper Application of Ozone in the Commercial Laundry IndustryClick Here
0212009, September 30thEconomic and Environmental Benefits of Ozone in Ozone Laundering SystemsClick Here
0202007Use of ozone in food industries for reducing the environmental impact of cleaning and disinfection activities
Click Here
0192017, Nov 17thThe microbial killing capacity of aqueous and gaseous ozone on different surfaces contaminated with dairy cattle manureClick Here
0182012Effect of ozonation on pathogenic bacteriaClick Here
0172017Ozone Application in AquacultureClick Here
0162018Direct application of ozone in aquaculture systemsClick Here
0151993, FebA Comprehensive Investigation On The Application Of Ozone In Cooling Water Systems –– Correlation of Bench–Top, Pilot Scale and Field Application DataClick Here
0142008, Jul 23rdCooling Tower Water Conditioning StudyClick Here
0132017, MarWater and air ozone treatment as an alternative sanitizing technologyClick Here
0122010, Jul 4thOzone and Ozonated Oils in Skin Diseases: A ReviewClick Here
0112014, Apr-JunOzonated olive oils and the troublesClick Here
010 2013, Sep 26thOzone Exposure of a Weed Community Produces Adaptive Changes in Seed Populations of Spergula arvensisClick Here
0092015, Sep 23rdTreatment of Ammonia Nitrogen Wastewater in Low Concentration by Two-Stage OzonizationClick Here
008Greenhouse and Nursery Water Treatment information systemClick Here
0072018, Sep 5thThe use of ozone as a driver for economic and environmental sustainable developmentClick Here
0062018, Mar 23rdOxygen Healing TherapiesClick Here
0052016, Mar 1stThe Disease-Fighting and Anti-aging Power of Ozone TherapyClick Here
0041985, Sep Vol. 12Assessing the benefits of alternative ozone standards on agriculture: The role of response informationClick Here
0032007, Sep 14thOcular and Respiratory Illness Associated with an Indoor Swimming Pool --- Nebraska, 2006Click Here
0022015, Dec 18thEffect of ozonation of swimming pool water on formation of volatile disinfection by-products – A laboratory studyClick Here
0012002, MayOzone (O3) efficacy on reduction of Phytophthora Capsici in recirculated Horticultural irrigation waterClick Here

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