Ozone Properties

Ozone /ˈoʊzoʊn/, or trioxygen, is formed by the combination of three oxygen atoms (triatomic form of oxygen).

Ozone Generalities

About Ozone Molecule Sobre o ozono molécula

Physical Ozone Properties

Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight

47,98 g/mol

Melting Point

-192,2ºC / -314,5ºF / 80,7ºK

Boiling Point

-111,9ºC / -169,4ºF / 161,3ºK

Density at 0ºC

2,144 g/l

Solubility in Water at 0ºC

0,64 g/100ml

Critical Temperature

-12,15ºC / 10,1ºF / 261ºK

Critical Pressure

55,7 bar

Critical Density

539,31 kg/m3

Electrochemical Potential

2,7 V




Highly Instable

Appearance and Odor

Ozone is a colorless to pale blue gas (blue when liquefied) with a strong and distinctively pungent smell (a smell similar to the sense after a thunderstorm).

At -111,9ºC it condenses to form a dark blue liquid, at temperatures below -192,2ºC it forms a violet-black solid.

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