Ozone used for Medical Waste Processing

At a time when much is being said about protecting the environment and ensuring green technologies, there are more and more areas to focus on in ozone to replace the use of chemicals and sterilizers.

But this is not a new situation, in May 2015, Colorado Medical Waste, Inc., was the first company to adopt this technology, in the State of Colorado, to offer sterilization of contaminated product before its ground into a fine pulp and then incinerated leaving nothing behind.

Its President, Beverly Hanstrom, has struggled for more than three years to obtain regulatory approvals to operate its Ozone Medical Waste Processor.

Using some Beverly Hanstrom words:

“Ozone medical waste processing is the future and will replace antiquated technologies and processes of the past.”

“It’s been a long time coming, and we are poised and positioned to accommodate five tons per day and have planned in advance for the installation of another ozone processor as volume increases.”

“Our new ozone medical waste processor is more effective than steam to kill infectious pathogens and bacteria and is done without the consumption of natural resources.”

The success of this process is due to the natural oxidizing power of ozone in the sterilization of medical waste with “zero” emissions and to be a process that exceeds the standard disinfection of autoclaves (an autoclave uses millions of gallons of water to steam treat medical waste and causes contaminated water run off into waste water treatment systems).

More companies should follow the example of Colorado Medical Waste, Inc., to protect the environment and ensure a much healthier future.

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