Eliminate weeds with Ozone!

Weeds are a problem in gardens and cities across the world.

And what if we tell you that Ozone can eliminate weeds without chemicals? As a potent oxidizer, and because of that is a strong disinfectant, capable of eliminate virus, bacteria and even weeds. So if you ask yourself how to get rid of weeds? or, how to get rid of weeds without killing the grass? or even better: how to get rid of weeds naturally? Ozone is your answer!

And how can ozone remove the weeds of your lawn?

weeds ozone ozono ervas daninhas

Weeds are plants growing where it is not wanted: gardens, flowerbeds, grasses, vegetations, or even on the street or in public spaces.

Major weed invasions change the natural diversity and balance of ecological communities and threaten the survival of many plants, because these unwanted plants compete with native plants for space, nutrients and sunlight.

In agriculture, weeds are a concern. They reduce farm and forest productivity, they invade crops, smother pastures and in some cases can harm livestock. They aggressively compete for water, nutrients and sunlight, resulting in reduced crop yield and poor crop quality.

Also, the municipalities of each city are concerned with the growth of weeds in public spaces. The concern of the mayors, is how to eliminate these plants without harming the people’s health. Nowadays, the products used are dangerous and toxic to health, such as glyphosate herbicide. Ozone is the best option as there are no chemicals in the weeds treatment.

Problems brought by weeds

  • Steal sunlight, moisture, and other resources from the plants you are intending to grow;

  • Reduce crop yield by competing for water, soil nutrients, and space;

  • Weeds are a habitat for diseases and pests that can attack the cultivated plant species;

  • Can damage vegetations and other plants;

  • Reduce natural diversity by smothering native plants or preventing them from growing;

  • The strong herbicides, pesticides and fungicides chemicals used to eliminate weeds pollute our drinking water and cause diseases to people, as cancers.

Ozone used for weeds treatment

Due to its natural properties, ozone can be used for weeding control, mainly in agriculture as well as in public spaces. Ozone is a 100% natural and it is no toxic agent, as many herbicides.

The control of weeds with ozone is an innovating method, in order to stop with chemicals products used. Ozone treatment will cause weakening or death of the emerging weeds, because it is an oxidant agent. This treatment is effective against all weed species.

Because ozone is a very unstable molecule and it has a short half-life, it must be produced onsite through the ozone generator that will mix water and ozone to kill weeds.


  • Eliminates weeds;

  • Reduces microorganisms in the soil;

  • Cleans and sanitized streets;

  • Removes the common bad odors on the streets (including the smell of dogs’ urine);

  • 100% natural system;

  • Not toxic to health;

  • Does not leave toxic waste;

  • Environmental friendly.

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