Classroom O3 Disinfection

Classroom O3 Disinfection system, ideal for eliminating bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, ensuring safety and air quality in busy areas, such as schools, gymnasiums or study centers.

The programmable system that allows the disinfection of closed spaces in areas up to 300m2 and must be used in the intervals of use of the rooms.

To purchase this equipment or for more information, send an email to indicating the reference SSO-O3-CRD01.


The Classroom O3 Disinfection system is the ideal system for ozonation and disinfection of schools, study centers or gyms, it is a system designed for fixed use, guaranteeing the total disinfection of closed spaces, with areas up to 300m².

As a disinfection system through air treatment, this system allows ozone to reach all spaces within the room, thus allowing total disinfection of the space.

Ozone, being a very efficient disinfectant and a strong oxidizer, allows the disinfection of classrooms without using chemicals, thus eliminating bacteria, viruses and other pathogens present in the air in a 100% natural way, without leaving any residues.

This system consists of two boards, a stainless steel board for ozone production and a control board. It also includes a light signalling system, which will be applied outside the rooms indicating the state of the room, giving information if the room is undergoing treatment or if it is already safe to enter the room.

The ozone classroom disinfection system can be configured for automatic treatment, that is, this system allows hourly programming with a definition for each day of the week, thus allowing different disinfection times, however, it can still be activated by counting down.

This equipment is customizable and allows regulation and adjustment through function control, that is, it can operate in full power mode or be adjusted up to 1/3 and controlling the flow, being able to select between 180 m³/h, 360 m³/h , 540 m³/h or more.

Ozone Concentration0.5 ppm2.5 ppm
Before Ozonization600 CFU/m³600 CFU/m³
After Ozonization175 CFU/m³35 CFU/m³
Reduction (%)70%94%

Note: This table refers to tests performed, so the results are approximate as they reflect average values obtained.

Remember that in high concentrations, ozone inhalation can become toxic. Therefore, it is recommended that no one is present in a room where the ozone concentration levels are above 0.1 ppm. In these situations, as a guarantee of absolute security, space must be free for 40 minutes and then people can return normally.


Timer User Manual – English

Manual do Utilizador do Temporizador – Português