O3 Shopping Cart Disinfection


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The O3 Shopping Cart Disinfection System is the ideal system to ensure the purchase bags and shopping carts disinfection in stores to ensure that your purchases are not virus carriers for your home.

Ozone is the most efficient and natural disinfectant that can be used without use chemicals. It has an oxidative power must more effective than chlorine without damage your purchases and does not leave any residual after used.

To purchase this equipment or for more information, send an email to info@solutionozone.com indicating the reference SSO-O3-SCD01.


The O3 Shopping Cart Disinfection System is ideal for applications at the entrance of surfaces where there is a large flow of clients with shopping carts.

This system will allow eliminating the viruses that are found on the surface decreasing the probability of contagion by means of “transporters” which are normally housed on the surface of shopping carts and change from “transporter” to “transporter” by touch.

Disinfection is performed without any chemicals, causing no harm to its users or the environment. Based on an ozonation system, this system allows a safe and 100% natural disinfection of shopping carts and purchased goods.

Is the ideal equipment for shopping centers, supermarkets, stores, warehouses, among other stores that normally use shopping carts.

This system disinfects any contact area of your purchases, including the shopping cart, bags, packaging, and the outside area of the products.

The decontamination process is performed through air ozonization, eliminating all surface viruses, without damage the materials or environment.


Model SSO-O3-SCD01
Ozone Output 16 x 10 g/h
Air Flow 2 800 m³/h
Thermal Protection Yes
Rated Power 12 A
Voltage 240 V AC
Application Indoor
Timer Yes



User Manual – English

Manual do Utilizador – Português