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Commercial Use

Air Purifier

air purifier ozone generator for air

The Air Purifier combines in one equipment, multiple purification systems (ozone, negative ions, and UV), with an immediate indication of the state and air quality and can be controlled remotely or directly on the touch screen panel. [More]

Portable Single O3 Detector

portable single o3 detector ozone detector for commercial use industry

The Portable Single O3 Detector allows for the continuous detection of ozone. It is equipped with a gas detection sensor in the air. It has high sensitivity and reproducibility, and can be used for up to 8h! [More]

Spa O3 System

spa o3 system ozone generator water treatment for spa jacuzzi

The Spa O3 System is the perfect solution for jacuzzis! It is a chemical-free option that does not irritates the skin or eyes. Purify jacuzzis up to 10m3 with this Ozone generator. It does not leave residual, removes microorganisms in the water and does not use chemicals. [More]

Swimming Pool O3 System

swimming pool o3 system ozone generator for pool natural water treatment

The Swimming Pool O3 System is a natural solution for pools, as it treats the water and removes microorganisms, without chemicals. With 5 different models, purify pools up to 200m3 with these Ozone generators. [More]

Garage O3 System


The Garage O3 System is the perfect solution for your car as it treats the air and removes bacterias and odours, reducing the use of chemicals. It cleans the interior of your vehicle, removing odours, in a 100% natural way, and does not damage it. [More]

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