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Domestic Use

Air Purifier

air purifier ozone generator for air

The Air Purifier combines in one equipment, multiple purification systems (ozone, negative ions, and UV), with an immediate indication of the state and air quality and can be controlled remotely or directly on the touch screen panel. [More]

Domestic Air Treatment System

domestic air treatment system ozone generator air purifier domestic use

The Domestic Air Treatment System purifies and disinfects the air, eliminates unpleasant odors such as tobacco smoke, animal odor, cooking, etc. It’s capable of eliminating any particle that provides airborne contagion, improving air quality. [More]

Mini Air Purifier

mini air purifier ozone generator products

The Mini Air Purifier combines the beneficial effects of ozone and negative ions to purify the air from small divisions. It eliminates bacteria and odors and, also, along with the action of negative ions, improves the air quality, removes odors and allergens. [More]

Tap Water System

tap water system ozone water generator ozonize water

The Tap Water System directly ozonizes the water coming out of the tap, eliminating bacterias, preventing diseases, and disinfecting food and objects, without leaving residue, applying the best of Ozone to your domestic use. [More]

Domestic Kit

o3 domestic kit ozone generator domestic use for homes and houses

The Domestic Kit allows one to ozonize different products with only one equipment. It allows water to be ozonized both for drinking and washing everyday products (food, toys, or other everyday utensils), oils, shower gel/shampoo, or even purify the air. [More]

Car Ionizer System

car ionizer system air purifier odour removal odor for car

The Car Ionizer System quickly and effectively neutralizes the harmful substances in the air by creating negative ions, which allows to improve the immune system. It also eliminates viruses and bacterias. It leaves no residue and does not need any recharges. It allows to kill bacterias and viruses in small areas, just what you need for your car! [More]

Fridge O3 System

fridge o3 system air generator ozone ion purifier for fridges

The Fridge O3 System produces and emits ozone that neutralizes harmful gases present on the refrigerator, by preventing food from rotting. It also disinfects the area, eliminating viruses and bacterias. When used inside the refrigerator, it prolongs the freshness of the food and its lifespan. [More]

Led-Ion Air Purifier

led ion air purifier air ionizer

The Led-Ion Air Purifier quickly and effectively neutralizes the harmful substances in the air by creating negative ions. It helps to relieve allergies and asthma symptoms due to its ability to clean the air. It eliminates bacteria and inhibits their growth at the same time. [More]

O3 Air Fragrances

o3 air fragrances natural air fragrance ozone generator air purifier

The O3 Air Fragrances is a diffuser of aroma with negative ions and ozone allows it to disinfect, purify and aromatize the air. Also, it combines with ozone, the action of negative ions that improves the air quality, removes odors and allergens, and aromatizes the air. [More]

Cabinet Ionizer

cabinet ionizer wardrobe air purifier

The Cabinet Ionizer removes unwanted impurities and odors from small compartments, such as wardrobes and cobblers, which accumulate unpleasant smells, mites, and dust, leaving the air lighter and cleaner. [More]

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