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Water Treatment

Tap Water System

tap water system ozone water generator ozonize water

The Tap Water System directly ozonizes the water coming out of the tap, eliminating bacterias, preventing diseases, and disinfecting food and objects, without leaving residue, applying the best of Ozone to your domestic use. [More]


aquarium system ozone generator water treatment

The Aquarium System treats the water by reducing the organic matter and ammonia present in the water that harms the health of the fish. It also helps to keep the water more crystalline and contributes to the oxygenation of the water. Ozone improves water quality and, when used correctly, improves living conditions. [More]

Spa O3 System

spa o3 system ozone generator water treatment for spa jacuzzi

The Spa O3 System is the perfect solution for jacuzzis! It is a chemical-free option that does not irritates the skin or eyes. Purify jacuzzis up to 10m3 with this Ozone generator. It does not leave residual, removes microorganisms in the water and does not use chemicals. [More]

Swimming Pool O3 System

swimming pool o3 system ozone generator for pool natural water treatment

The Swimming Pool O3 System is a natural solution for pools, as it treats the water and removes microorganisms, without chemicals. With 5 different models, purify pools up to 200m3 with these Ozone generators. [More]

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