Many applications are developed as a custom-made application. Solution Ozone create the conditions to simulate the client needs to test and provide the correct results to all new applications.
Our mission is to develop ozone equipment’s using innovative and high-quality systems for different applications, depending on the specific needs for each problem presented to us.


In our laboratory we are able to perform the most varied tests of exposure to ozone, whether in liquids, solids and/or gases. When the customer comes up with a question about the efficacy of ozone to solve a problem, in our lab, we devise a whole set of tests necessary to determine the effectiveness of ozone to solve the problem and, proving that ozone is the solution, Solution Ozone will also determine the dose/concentration needed to ensure success and avoid overdose.


Solution Ozone is able to carry out various tests with ozone, whether these be by application test with ozone gas or liquid ozone application.

Our laboratory allows us to simulate different conditions (solar exposure, temperature, humidity, light, …) at each stage of the test, in order to perform the tests with maximum guaranteed effectiveness and in the most real conditions possible. In this field are included tests such as odor removal, bleaching, elimination of bacteria, fungi and pests, air and water treatment, sterilization, among many others.

Solution Ozone Services Lab Simulation Ozone Tests Image


Solution Ozone Services Lab Simulation Water Tests Image

Water tests, both in wastewater and water samples, can be provided by our customers or collected by our team in order to ensure maximum accuracy in the results obtained. Solution Ozone is able to perform the following quality tests of the water:

If you have any questions about our lab or any specific test, please, contact us, and we will back to you as soon as possible.

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Given the diversity of ozone applications, any issues you may have, do not hesitate to contact us, our team will help you.

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