J. Silva – Testimony

My name is J. Silva and this is my testimony, 71 years old, Portuguese, and I began doing Ozone therapy in early 2018 to try to enhance the effects of a treatment I was doing at the ocular level.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) was diagnosed in August 2017. AMD is a disease that occurs in a part of the retina called the macula and leads to progressive loss of central vision. AMD is the most common cause of vision loss in people over 50 and has no cure.

Treatment may preserve or improve visual acuity, but it is very important that it is started early in the onset of the disease. When macular degeneration is already far advanced, which is my case, it becomes harder to treat and the results may not be satisfactory.

The treatment for wet or exudative macular degeneration consists of injections of anti-angiogenic drugs or injections of triamcinolone, a type of corticosteroid that inhibits the accumulation of fluid under the macula and the appearance of new vessels and significantly reduces inflammation during a period of 3 to 6 months applied to the eye. In my case, I did a set of 6 triacinolone injections, spaced one a month and although the improvements were visible, they were not very significant.

This treatment is very expensive and needed to get started immediately because the disease was already in a very advanced state, all costs had to be supported by me, without any reimbursement. When I was ready to make the last injection, I became aware of the ozone therapy treatments and decided to take the risk, read some documentation and found that this was the treatment that other patients were going to perform in Cuba.

I started treatment with 10 intravenous ozone sessions, one per week, followed by a Rectal Inflation treatment, twice a week for 10 weeks.

It was curious to see the improvements, in the first few weeks of intravenous treatment, I started to notice differences in small details, for example, I used the train to move to the treatments, the second week I realized the wall clock in the station, even if it only appeared as a figure, the next week I could already see the spots on the numbers and after a week I began to recognize the numbers.

However, it was not only visually that I noticed changes, I stopped taking anticoagulants, I started to have much more energy and my intestines started working regularly.

However, my medical history is vast and about 10 years ago overcame a tumor in the prostate, after 5 years of tighter surveillance there were detected benign colorectal polyps, however, I kept surveillance in order to detect in good time any changes.

Last month I repeated the exams prescribed by the doctor and the results were surprising because no traces of the polyps were detected, which left my doctor stupefied and since the only change since the last examinations was the beginning of the ozone therapy treatments, I can only conclude that the benefits to my health have been vast and the treatment is working at the general level.

It is regrettable that not all people have access to this type of treatment and that there is still no general knowledge of the benefits that ozone can bring to our body.

It is curious how with age we are progressively losing some capacities and we are getting used to this state slowly and only later, if we somehow manage to recover we give them the proper value. Nowadays people live in such a stressful way that they do not give due value to the material good they have and diseases are necessary to learn to value the greatest wealth we have, our health and our well-being.

J. Silva


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