Founded in 2018 by Bruno Felicio, Sandra Silva and Paulo Freitas. Solution Ozone® is constituted with the objective of a startup dedicated to the research, development and production of ozone equipment. Learn more about us!

Our History

In 2002, a client required technical support on an ozone equipment of which they could not repair a breakdown. In order to that, we had contact with ozone for the first time. Having solved the equipment’s problem and fascinated by its operation, we started doing research about ozone, applications and operations and that was when a big interest on ozone was born. Having designed many equipment, rehearsals and tests, it’s been over 20 years of study, rehearsals and formation dedicated to ozone.

As a result of this intense dedication, Solution Ozone® is born, a commercial brand registered and created by Gerozone, Lda, in 2018, at the University of Algarve, in Portugal, with the goal of reducing the use of chemicals in the daily life. In 2020 left UALG and started its commercial activities in Loulé. After that, at the beginning of 2021, takes a new step, building its factory and commercial facilities in a more central and area of easier access, in Moita, Setúbal district, only 20 minutes from Lisbon.

In fact, for many years, people were looking for solutions with chemical and mass products that have been destroying our planet. But, finally, there was a global understanding of the consequences and, at this point, everyone is looking for natural alternatives to the use of chemical products. Humanity finally understood that the balance between life & nature is the only solution for a long lasting and quality life so, natural solutions are becoming stronger each time. Discover more about us! Check out our website and discover what we have been developing since the beginning.

Company Founders - Bruno Felicio

Bruno Felicio

CEO – Founder


With over 20 years experience working with Ozone, 2018 was the time to start our own project and share it with others – the beauty and the potential of Ozone.

This project was born from a dream in which we can reduce the use of chemicals improving our health and planet’s future.

Company Founders - Sandra Silva

Sandra Silva

CFO – Co-Founder


With over 25 years of experience in the financial and marketing areas, since 2002 she has been studying and researching about ozone and its benefits.

Lover of nature and natural solutions embraced this project with open arms, because she believes in a better global future.

Company Founders - Paulo Freitas

Paulo Freitas Jr.



Working as a surgeon and orthodontic doctor for over 30 years, he soon recognized the benefits of ozone in treating mouth and teeth problems, reducing the use of chemicals.

His knowledge is undoubtedly an asset for the development of new dental solutions and to ensure their success.

Our Mission

Solution Ozone‘s main goal is decreasing the use of chemicals and improving the human and planet’s health, because Ozone is a natural element, provided by Mother Nature, with many benefits for the health and well-being with unique disinfectant properties. Learn more about ozone here.
Working in partnership with SPOZ (Ozone Therapy Portuguese Society) and UALG (University of Algarve), Solution Ozone® aims to create effective and high-quality products, able to guarantee the efficient control of numberless problems that affect our society.
Solution Ozone® produces ozone generators without recurring to chemical products or other artificial solutions to remove viruses, bacteria and fungi in many different applications.

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     The Products and Solutions developed by Solution Ozone are not harmful to the environment. Ozone is produced from Oxygen, 100% Natural and without any Chemicals or other elements.   


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     and reduces costs to the consumer guaranteeing the results.   
     Based on specific needs Solution Ozone develops solutions according to each problem, to ensure the effectiveness of its products   


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     The Solution Ozone Team is composed of experts in different areas to ensure the research and development of products with the highest quality and efficiency at every production process stage.   


Product Tested Equipment
     quality solution based on detailed studies, test and R&D procedures to ensure maximum quality   
     Solution Ozone stands out by using high quality materials and technologies that create a premium   


How Can We Help You?

Here, at Solution Ozone®, our goal is to serve you and make your ideas come true. The degree of our guidance depends on the needs of your company. Not to mention that we want to serve you and your needs better, bringing Ozone to a new level.

But, not only that, we also want to help companies to start and grow on their own market.

Solution Ozone®, has 3 different partnership solutions that can bring new partners to the team, as a result it gives a new vision to the world about us and about the capabilities and potential of ozone.

Our focus is to actively fund your business or needs, while meticulously striving for consistency and guidance throughout the process.