Solution Ozone is a trademark created and registered by Gerozone, Lda, in 2018. Gerozone is a Start Up dedicated to R&D and production of Ozone Equipment`s, based in Faro and the headquarter is in UALG, Universidade do Algarve, Campus de Gambelas, Pav. G15, 8005-226 Faro, Portugal.

The humanity finally understood that the balance between Life & Nature is the only solution for a quality long life, so Natural Solutions are becoming very strong. Around the World there is a need to improve Heath & Well-Being – everyone is looking for it.

For many years, people were looking for solutions with chemicals and massive products that are destroying the planet but, finally, there was a global understanding  of those consequences and everyone is looking for alternatives to the chemicals use.

Solution Ozone´s main goal is decreasing the use of chemicals and improving the Human and Planet Health.

Ozone is a natural element provided by the mother nature with many benefits to Health & Well-Being. Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectant and 100% natural. Ozone activates the body’s antioxidant protection mechanism, improves hypoglycemic control, reduces oxidative stress, has antiseptic properties (kills bacteria, fungus, viruses, yeast and protozoa) and anti-inflammatory properties, reduces pain, improves circulation and much more.

Solution Ozone produces Ozone Generators without any chemicals or artificial solutions to remove virus, bacteria and fungus in many different applications. Working in partnership with SPOZ (Portuguese Society of Ozone Therapy) and UALG (Algarve University), Solution Ozone is in order to create effective and high-quality products, able to guarantee efficient control of numerous problems that affect our society.



The Products and Solutions developed by Solution Ozone are not harmful to the environment. Ozone is produced from Oxygen, 100% Natural without any Chemicals or other elements.


The Solution Ozone Team is composed of experts in different areas to ensure the research and development of products with the highest quality and efficiency at every production process stage.


Based on specific needs Solution Ozone develops solutions according to each problem, to ensure the effectiveness of its products and reduces costs to the consumer guaranteeing the success of the results.


Solution Ozone stands out by using high quality materials and technologies that create a premium quality solution based on detailed studies, test end R&D procedures to ensure maximum quality.

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