Many applications are developed as a custom-made application. Solution Ozone® create the conditions to simulate the client needs to test and provide the best results to all new applications.
Our mission is to develop ozone equipment’s using innovative and high-quality systems for different applications, depending on the specific needs for each problem presented to us.

To guarantee an excellent customer service, Solution Ozone® has a team dedicated to different areas in order to cover services from development and prototyping to after-sales service, always excellently.

Lab Simulation

Based inside our facilities, in Moita,  Portugal, our Lab was created to investigate everything related with Ozone. From designing new equipment’s to improving performance, reducing costs and developing new systems for ozone, or by creating new solutions to give new opportunities to the market, our lab was designed to reap the full benefits we can get through Ozone.

R&D Results in Lab Simulation – Solution Ozone


Every day, there is a new possibility and a new challenge that will define the use of Ozone in some potential situations. Our R&D department is always fully concentrated to detect and identify the new opportunities and possibilities for the use of Ozone.

Prototype Cutting with Laser Cutting Machine


Working with new solutions and ideas, Solution Ozone develops the prototypes for most of the parts needed to create and test new solutions and applications. Our systems are ready to work according to the material requirements compatible with Ozone.

Mechanical ozone delivery structures for laboratory simulation services


Many of our solutions are developed with Mechanical structures to mix, carry and deliver Ozone. Solution Ozone has a structure to test and build all the mechanical parts needed for our products and solutions to ensure quality.

Lab Simulation Service: Electronic Circuit


Solution Ozone keeps testing new circuits and potential systems to improve Ozone production and applications. The electronic components used must be well designed and projected to guarantee a good and efficient equipment.

Microbiology Lab Simulation Services


Bacteria, Fungi and  Virus, are some of the most common elements we work with while we are investigating with ozone. Its the main reason that we need to have a microbiology Lab to test all we need and new potential solutions, reducing time and costs.

Laboratory safety in action


Ozone is one of the powerful products that we can use, with so many benefits, not only in the Industry field but as well in heath. But breathing high concentrations of Ozone is also dangerous, so we always work taking all the safety rules as our No. 1 Priority.


In our laboratory we are able to perform the most varied tests of exposure to ozone, whether in liquids, solids and/or gases. When the customer comes up with a question about the efficacy of ozone to solve a problem, in our lab, we devise a whole set of tests necessary to determine the effectiveness of ozone to solve the problem and, proving that ozone is the solution, Solution Ozone will also determine the dose/concentration needed to ensure success and avoid overdose.

Our laboratory allows us to simulate different conditions (solar exposure, temperature, humidity, light, …) at each stage of the test, in order to perform the tests with maximum guaranteed effectiveness and in the most real conditions possible.

People performing ozone tests in the laboratory.
People conducting ozone tests and recording results in the lab.


Solution Ozone is able to carry out various tests with ozone, whether these be by application test with ozone gas or liquid ozone application.

In this field are included tests such as odor removal, bleaching, elimination of bacteria, fungi and pests, air and water treatment, sterilization, among many others.


Water tests, both in wastewater and water samples, can be provided by our customers or collected by our team in order to ensure maximum accuracy in the results obtained. Solution Ozone is able to perform the following quality tests of the water:

Given the diversity of ozone applications, any issues you may have, do not hesitate to contact us, our team will help you.

Table with elements for water testing
Services & Repair


Solution Ozone provides best-in-class service including customer service, repairs, training and more. Composed by a team with over 15 years of combined experience with Ozone products, Solution Ozone offers a wide range of repair services for all manufacturers and models of ozone generators, monitoring equipments, or individual ozone solutions built for specific situations.

Whatever is your need we have the tools, experience, and ability to help you keep your current ozone system running at peak performance.

A person soldering a part.
Electronic circuit board
A worker is soldering a small part using a soldering iron.

Solution Ozone can provide service, repair and maintain most ozone generators and offer the same services for ozone auxiliary equipment, including analyzers or monitoring equipments. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • In-House Service and Repair;

  • On-Site System Service and Repair;

  • Calibration Services;

  • Ozone Monitoring Equipment Repair;

  • Whether you need repair, spare parts and advice, or a comprehensive maintenance contract we can satisfy your needs.

Solution Ozone Service & Repair is not only for our ozone equipment but also for third-party ozone equipment.


Solution Ozone offers preventative maintenance services for almost all industrial and commercial ozone equipment. Our staff can go on-site check equipment, perform maintenance and ensure reliable long term maintenance of your equipment. Regular scheduled visits from a qualified technician will help prevent unexpected down-time and includes an equipment performance certification.

Regular Pre-scheduled Preventive Maintenance will minimize equipment failure and costly emergency repairs. It cost less than repairs and reduces the equipment downtime.

A worker is soldering cables.
Worker analyzing electronic circuit for repair
A worker repairing an electronic circuit.
  • Poor maintained system produces poor results;

  • Proper maintenance results on long lasting equipment;

  • Even the best systems require maintenance;

  • Ozone Systems maintenance can be simple if it is performed regularly.

Solution Ozone offers comprehensive preventive maintenance programs tailored to meet each of our client’s needs. Full service programs are available for all Ozone systems. Our services can be combined into an annual prevenventive maintenance program, or added to an existing service.

It is the neglect of timely repair that makes rebuilding necessary.

Richard Whately


Ozone has an extremely high potential, however, there are some basic rules for working safely with ozone. Reproducing electrically a natural phenomenon requires some care because we are talking about equipment with a high voltage. Solution Ozone proposes some basic training to work with ozone and ozone systems safely, confidently and autonomously.
Despite the undeniable benefits of ozone, breathing ozone directly can be toxic. There are safety concentrations that should be considered. Nowadays, legislation begins to change and there are already many rules, technical and safety data that must be considered.

Group of people attending an ozone training meeting.


How to work with ozone in safety? This module will help you to know what you need to know about ozone, procedures, concentrations and everything you need  to start working with ozone in safety. 

A worker is soldering cables.


Ozone equipments have a specific development to work with high voltage. With this training you will learn what you need to do a preventive maintenance of ozone equipments.

Woman working safely in a laboratory


Learn what you need to learn about ozone. Ozone – what is it? Meaning, composition, benefits, safety rules, concentrations, when and how to use it, restrictions and much more about ozone. 


Ozone has many practical applications, however, in many situations the application of ozone should be analyzed case by case in order to increase its efficiency and decrease both production and maintenance costs.
Solution Ozone has a consulting team specialized in the different phases of the process that will help and guide you from design, optimization, management, security and more to optimize your system and reduce costs, waste and maintenance of the system. We will consider all process regulations and restrictions that apply to you and suggest the optimal place for ozone integration into your specific application.

A computer monitor displaying graphs and charts
Two women signing documents in a meeting room.
A man reading a report on a board.



Ozone is a natural disinfectant that can be used in different industries and with different applications.


Can be used to kill bacteria, fungus and other threats on the hydroponic, aquaculture and agriculture fields.


To treat pools water instead of using chemical products, leaving no residue or odors in the water.


Ozone has many potential, ask our consulting services and we will help you to improve your system.


For unique applications, or to satisfy explicit specifications, Solution Ozone offers modified standard products or custom solutions. Our customized solutions can be designed to include special features, capabilities or components necessary to meet your unique situation and to improve your facilities.

Our dedicated staff of engineers and designers are committed to present a fresh cost-reduction perspective while maintaining a commitment to superior quality and short lead times. We deliver a wide range of services and capabilities related to our core design and engineering expertise. We can provide full design and development services, from concept to implementation.

A designer creating a custom design on a tablet.


To satisfy explicit specifications imposed by customers.

A designer sitting at a desk, looking at a computer monitor and selecting colors for a design project.


Innovation and improvement of products and procedures.

A designer is seen making custom designs on paper using a pencil.


To improve accuracy of system requirements and functionalities.

Person saving coins in a piggy bank


To increase the profitability of our customers.


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specific solutions can optimize the size, cost and performance of a power quality product relative to your specific product line.


Custom solutions may cover an individual product or a complete product line.


Our custom design engineering will take into account the exact internal component ratings used in your product to arrive at the best economical solution to meet your needs.


Solution Ozone provides services for a wide range of customers, with complete systems designed for diverse and specific applications.
For more information on all of our design and engineering services contact us.

A chart titled "OEM Solutions" showing different solutions provided by Solution Ozone to Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEMs).


Equipment for indoor desinfection as offices, rooms, hospitals, restaurants, clinics, stores, and much more. Ensure that your clients, your workers and yourself have the best in disinfection systems without any chemicals.


Disinfection tunnels for entrances or streets and urban furniture disinfection systems, without the use of chemicals, based on a system that use ozonated water to ensure a natural disinfection of people and materials.


All equipment are developed and tested by Solution Ozone that ensure high standards of quality, with all protections and certificates needed. The systems include thermal protection and are build with ozone resistant materials.