Many applications are developed as customized solutions. Solution Ozone® creates the conditions to simulate the customer’s needs in order to test and provide the best results for all new applications.

Our mission is to develop ozone equipment using innovative and high-quality systems for various applications, depending on the specific needs of each problem presented to us.

Customized Solutions

Products of Excellence

Customer Service

To guarantee excellent customer service, Solution Ozone® has a team dedicated to different areas in order to cover services from development and prototyping to after-sales service, always in an excellent way.


At Solution Ozone we are able to carry out different services related to ozone, whether in the development of new solutions or in the production and repair of equipment.

R&D – Research
and Development

In order to research everything about ozone, our facilities in Moita, Portugal, comprise a Research & Development area, a dedicated laboratory, and a production area. Our facilities are made to get the most out of every opportunity, whether that means engineering new machinery to boost performance, cutting expenses, inventing new ozone systems, or coming up with fresh ideas to tap into untapped markets. get using ozone.

  • R & D

  • Prototyping

  • Mechanics

  • Electronics

  • Microbiology


Services and Repair

Solution Ozone offers best-in-class service, including customer service, repair, training and much more. Comprised of a team with over 20 years of experience in ozone equipment, Solution Ozone offers a wide range of repair services for all makes and models of ozone generators, monitoring equipment or individual ozone solutions built for specific situations.

Whatever your needs, we have the tools, experience and expertise to help you keep your current ozone system running at peak performance.  

Solution Ozone also offers preventive maintenance services for almost all industrial and commercial ozone equipment. Our team can check the equipment on site, carry out maintenance and ensure reliable long-term maintenance of your equipment. Regular scheduled visits with a qualified technician will help to avoid unexpected downtime and include a certification of equipment performance.

Regular pre-scheduled preventive maintenance will minimize equipment failure and costly emergency repairs and reduce equipment downtime.


Ozone has extremely high potential, however, there are some basic rules for working safely with ozone. The electrical reproduction of a natural phenomenon requires some care, as we are talking about high voltage equipment. Solution Ozone offers basic training to work with ozone and ozone systems safely, confidently and autonomously.

Despite the undeniable benefits of ozone, breathing ozone directly can be toxic. There are safety concentrations that must be considered. Today, legislation begins to change and there are already many standards, technical and safety data that must be considered.

Some of the training actions:

  • Ozone – Work safely

  • Ozone – Basics & Safety

  • Maintenance of Ozone Equipment

  • Ozone regulation



Ozone has many practical applications, however, in many situations the application of ozone must be analyzed case by case, in order to increase its efficiency and reduce production and maintenance costs.

Solution Ozone has a team of consultants specialized in the different stages of the process that will help and guide you from design, optimization, management, security and much more to optimize your system and reduce costs, waste and system maintenance.

We will consider all regulations and process restrictions that apply to you and suggest the ideal location for integrating ozone in your specific application.

Use the power of innovation to revolutionize your organization with Solution Ozone, increasing growth, efficiency, and sustainability. Please contact us right away!

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