Solution Ozone Services Lab Simulation Image


Many applications are developed as a custom made application. We create the conditions to simulate the client needs to test and provide the correct results to all new applications.

Solution Ozone Services Service & Repair Image


We provide services and repair to our equipment´s, but we also repair third party equipment´s. Even for obsolete equipment´s, we provide a redesign to adapt to the most recent systems.

Solution Ozone Services Training Image


We provide technical training for our technicians, partners and clients. We also provide Training for users and lab technicians that work with Ozone equipment´s to provide its perfect handling.

Solution Ozone Services Consultancy Image


Day after day, we are asked if Ozone is good for different kind of applications and if the companies will benefit from it. We dedicate a consultancy service to be ready to support our clients individually.

Solution Ozone Services Custom Design Image


We have Ozone Generators, Ozone solutions, but some of our clients have different needs, for this reason we have a team ready to design the equipment that is needed for your application.

Solution Ozone Services Preventive Maintenance Image


Companies are getting into the good habits of preventive maintenance. Working with Ozone Generators is one of the dangerous maintenance, because those equipment work with High Voltage.

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