Ozone for Air Treatment: the best Air Purifier

Are you worried about the air you breathe? Nowadays, pollution levels are very high, however, it is not just outdoors that we are inhaling polluted air. Did you know that indoor air pollution can cause big health problems? Cleaning solvents and pesticides used at home add  indoor pollution levels, which are harmful to our health, while ozone is 100% natural and leaves no residue in the environment..

So what can we do to improve the air quality in our house, and also to purify the air, removing microorganisms? You can read about it below!

Daily, you live with smells like, food, pets, toilet, cigarettes, mold, mildew and much more. Curtains, cushions, sofas, fabrics and even the walls themselves, absorb these odors and hold them for a long time.

Some indoor air pollutants come from outside (such as car pollution, for example) but most are released inside the building (eg. during cleaning or when cooking and heating, furniture and building materials can also emit pollutants). Humidity and lack of ventilation further contribute to increased air pollution indoors.

Internal air, as a rule, contains a mixture of different pollutants, which in itself makes it very difficult to assess the risks associated with health. Applying an Ozone generator, an air purifier machine to the daily use at your house will improve the quality of the air.

Ozone, when properly used, is the most effective and safe method of odor elimination as well as to control bacteria, virus, fungus, algae, and organic matter in water, that can be harmful to the crops.

Ozone’s natural properties make it an effective agent in the hydroponics environment without leaving harmful residues behind. Also, controlled ozone in the grow space, can kill insects and mites. In the end of the process, ozone eliminates all bacteria that comes in contact with.

Furthermore, because ozone is formed by three oxygen molecules, it helps to oxygenate root zones, an essential element for healthy plant growth.

Ozone is a valued tool for disinfecting and enhancing hydroponic water quality. Help to create a healthy nutrient rich solution, free of fungal and bacteria, for crop hydroponics natural growth. Ozonated water can be recycled continuously without the chemical build-up associated with other sanitizers, while it does not cause environmental hazard.

How does it work?

Ozone is generated naturally by corona discharge, it has a high oxidative power and it is highly reactive, so it interacts with most contaminates and allergens it encounters, rendering them harmless while also removing odors, it can be effective against chemical sources, bacteria, mold, odors, etc.

The power of ozone is extremely high and, since the pollutant is oxidized by ozone, it loses its toxic, allergenic or odor-causing factor, thus, even if an oxidized contaminant remains in the air and is inhaled, it has no negative effect.

The sterilizing power of ozone is used against bacteria, microorganisms, fungi, and certain insect larvae. For example, microorganisms such as fungal spores or bacteria after being exposed to ozone are no longer able to reproduce, which causes their numbers to decrease rapidly. Ozone is at least ten times stronger than chlorine as a disinfectant. Ozone kills about 99.99% of known bacteria, destroying the cell wall. This process eliminates the contaminant while reverting the ozone back to oxygen. This way, ozone does not leave any residual in the air.

In this way, simple and efficient, ozone (since handled following safety standards) is the most efficient air purifier to disinfect, sterilize and deodorize ambient air indoors. Specially, places such as home, offices, hospitals, clinics and beauty centers, shopping centers, restaurants or any other enclosed places where the air is likely to be contaminated.

Ensuring that places where it is possible to detect more viruses and bacteria maintain a clean and disinfected air is the first step to control the propagation of these same pathogens; however, ensuring correct ventilation, maintaining a reasonable temperature and controlling humidity levels are also important factors not only for improving air quality but also for improving ozone efficiency.

But keeping all these conditions is not always possible, so we advise you to use ozone whenever possible. Once again I repeat, following the safety standards, ozone is the most effective agent for controlling and treating indoor air. Ozone is safe, 100% natural and has an above-average effectiveness.

Unit of air treatment system, such as our ozone generators, making ozone an air purifier can be found in our products section below!