Kitchen Extraction

Ozone system for reducing grease and cooking odors, keeping ducts clean and discharge free of cooking odor, reducing duct cleaning and the chance of a kitchen duct fire occurring.

Easy installation ad maintenance, simple operation system and cost saving in a short term period.

The Ozone system for Kitchen Extraction does not include the extractor or the extraction duct.

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The emission of odors at the exit of extractor hoods is a problem that can be found not only in industrial kitchens but also in all other kitchens, whether domestic or restaurant, in general in any place used for food production. This problem is even more evident when the output of the extraction duct occurs in places that cause discomfort to the surrounding homes or living areas.

Air discharged from commercial kitchens and restaurants, especially kitchens where deep fryers are used frequently, contain large amounts of grease in the cooking fumes. The fumes contain heat energy, odor molecules, soot and grease particles.

Ozone is a very powerful oxidising agent and is effective for odour control. An allowance of 2~3 seconds contact time will allow the odours to be destroyed by the ozone and after 20~30 mins ozone is reverted back to oxygen, without any residues or chemicals needed.

The Kitchen Extractor Ozone System is used to reduce odor and grease from a kitchen exhaust system. This system is composed by one ozone generator that is integrated into a kitchen duct for air purification, easy to integrate into both new and existing kitchens. The Kitchen Extractor Ozone System works continuously while the extractor is activated. It is necessary to condition the starter electrically.

Ozone generator can reduce grease and cooking odors, keeping ducts clean and discharge free of cooking odors. Removing grease from a kitchen exhaust system will reduce duct cleaning and reduce the chance of a kitchen duct fire occurring.


  • Natural way to eliminate the odors of the hood exhaust  (oxidative process – Ozone reacts with all microorganisms and eliminates them effectively due to its strong disinfection and oxidizing power);
  • It kills bacteria, molds, fungus, spores, viruses and all unwanted microorganisms, there by preventing the microorganisms from contamination;
  • It destroys oils, solids, grease and other contaminants keeping the exhaust duct clean. Thereby reduces the risk of fire in the duct works;
  • Ozone removes all odour and smoke, so it prevents odor and smoke from re-entering the HV AC system through the fresh air intakes of nearby buildings and offices;
  • It keeps the extraction ducts free from grease thus reducing the risk of fires, that increases the life span of the ventilation system and low maintenance.

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