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The Swimming Pool O3 System is a natural solution for pools, as it treats the water and removes microorganisms, without chemicals.

With 5 different standard models, it can purify outdoor pools up to 200m³ with these Ozone generators, for pools with a greater water volume please contact us.

To purchase this equipment or to get more information, send an email to info@solutionozone.com.

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Ozone pool water treatment system recommended for private indoor or outdoor pools, with a water volume of less than 200 m³, which reduces the consumption of chemicals and is the most suitable system for people with skin problems and/or chlorine intolerant.

Using ozone to treat the water in a swimming pool has numerous advantages, not only for users but also for the environment.

Ozone (O3) has a high oxidative power making it an excellent antiseptic, as it can destroy viruses, bacteria, and all pathogenic germs.

The Swimming Pool O3 System uses oxygen as raw material and releases that same gas as waste. In this way, it not only reduces maintenance costs, as it dispenses with chemical expenses but also is ecologically more sustainable.

The use of ozone in the treatment of the pool does not change the pH, making life easier for users.

Ozone is the most effective natural germicide there is. It acts on the destruction of the cell wall, directly attacking the DNA of the microorganisms.

One of the many advantages of using ozone to disinfect pool water is cost reduction.

The gas is 25 times more effective than chlorine because of its high oxidizing power. This generator can eliminate bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms in water.

Ozone, unlike chlorine, does not leave toxic waste, making it a 100% natural disinfectant.

Ozone in water treatment has an algaecide and flocculant effect, providing clear and crystalline water. Water has no odors, no irritation to the skin or eyes, and no damage to the hair or bathing suits.

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< 25 m³, < 50 m³, < 100 m³, < 150 m³, < 200 m³


Indoor, Outdoor


  • Natural disinfection process;
  • Increases the redox potential (ORP) of water;
  • Water without smell or taste;
  • Does not change the water ph;
  • Economical system, with low maintenance and no need for consumables;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Can reduce chlorine usage to 100%;
  • Reduces chloramines;
  • Purest, crystal clear and bluish water;
  • Ideal water treatment for people with skin problems and chlorine allergy.


This system has included:

  • Ozone generator;
  • Mixing system;
  • Thermal Protection;
  • Light indicator.