Ozone: the best treatment for Water Parks!

Ozone is a fantastic water purifier, a natural treatment for pools. So why not use the ozone water treatment for pools in the pool paradise? Water Parks are always a synonym of happy family, but after a day there, it could also means red-eyes or green-hair family. This happens because of the chemicals used in the water treatment. And what would you say if we could eliminate this and put your family’s health in first place?

Ozone is the answer! An ozone water park treatment system removes the chemical harm that comes up with the pools! Wanna know how? Just scroll down and you’ll understand.

Spending a day at the water parks has become a popular pastime for families and friends across the world. The water treatment system in these places is very important because every day more than hundreds of people use the pools and slides.

Everyone knows that we need to spend one day to enjoy the water parks, and in the end of the day our eyes and skin are irritated, some allergies can appear, and the bathing suits are colorless, all due to the chemicals in the water, more specifically chlorine.

Ozone is a natural option for pool water treatment and does not cause any irritation or allergy, contrariwise, its benefits improve the quality of skin.

The water treatment with ozone is more and more usual and preferred by managers, due to the numerous advantages that ozone brings, not only to the health but also on reduction of maintenance costs and of chemicals.


Ozone helps secure high quality water, improving disinfection processes, eliminating bacteria, virus and germs that are in the water.


Compared to chemicals as chlorine, ozone water park treatment brings many advantages because it is completely natural, anti-bacterial and non-toxic, improving the quality of water and become the water parks more enjoyable for children and adults of all ages.

Ozone has a high oxidation potential, making it more effective than chlorine. It can eliminate bacteria, virus, algae, fungi, odors, parasites and cryptosporidium and giardia, which are both highly chlorine resistant microbes.

Ozone water park treatment is increasingly common best practice solution. Now, it is easy to enjoy the natural comfort of water, in safe way.


    • Very effective disinfectant;

    • Higher-quality and purified water, eliminating bacteria and microorganisms in the water;

    • No harmful residual by-products;

    • Avoid skin and eye irritation;

    • Does not damage or disclose swimsuits, shorts, bikinis;

    • Does not change the alkalinity and pH of water;

    • Low operation cost;

    • Reduces water consumption;

    • Reduces chemical usage;

    • Reduces energy usage;

    • Ozone systems are easy to install and ongoing operation;

    • Environmentally friendly.

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