Can Ozone be used in Food Processing and Storage?

Food storage and processing requires strong care and attention to hygiene. Ozone is a natural solution to disinfect and sanitize not only any storage, but packages and food itself, assuring that what comes to our table remains free of harmful microorganisms.

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Nowadays, the consumer demand for high quality packaged products is increasing.

Safer, healthier, higher quality, and less processed foods are currently the main challenges faced for the manufacture of food products. This is true for both the consumer and food service markets. Ozone is the solution for this concern.

Ozonated water for washing and producing disinfection exceeds the traditional methods that leave residual chemicals and impart of bad smell and flavor. Also, the traditional method affects the quality of foods such as loss of original flavor, taste, appearance, color and nutritional quality.

In response to consumer demands for ‘greener’ food, the interest in ozone has expanded in the recent years, because of its oxidizing properties that contribute to the improvement of safety and quality of food products.

Ozone is effective against several kinds of microorganisms on fruits, vegetables, meat, grains and seafood. It is known as a biocide against virus, bacteria, biofilms, fungi and protozoa, destroying them by oxidation.

It is about 50% stronger than chlorine, and thus is characterized by a broad spectrum of antibacterial activities. The bactericidal effects of ozone have been confirmed on a wide variety of microorganisms, including Gram-positive and Gram-negative ones, as well as bacterial spores

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How does it work?

Ozone is a safe, extremely vigorous disinfectant and oxidizer, that can be used to control and eliminate biological growth of unwanted organisms in food or even in the equipment used in the food processing industries.

Furthermore, with ozone it is impossible for a microorganism to build up any resistance to oxidation.

It is generated on-site, no need to handle or mix chemicals for sanitation. Excess ozone auto decomposes rapidly in oxygen and thus leaves no residues in foods from its decomposition.

Ozone treatment assures the sensory, nutritional and physicochemical characteristics of food remain. Furthermore, ozone extends food shelf-life and removes undesirable odors.

The treatment conditions should be specifically determined, following the safety standards and the right levels, for effective and safe use of ozone in all kinds of products.

During food processing operations, surface disinfection and the food storage of the raw commodities is very important, too.

Ozone can be applied in storage spaces and surfaces, eliminating all microorganisms that it encounters: bacteria, virus and fungi.

With regulatory approval, ozone has become the best eco-friendly environmental option, at the same time that it is the best choice for cost-effectively disinfecting food.

The application of ozone improves the microbiological safety of food products and extends their shelf-life without changing their nutritional, chemical, and physical properties.

This process provides the company with a greater assurance of food safety and, substantially reduces the plant’s water usage.


  • The most powerful oxidizer available;

  • Eliminates germs, bacteria, virus and microorganisms;

  • Controls and destroys microbes;

  • Disinfects and preserves fruits and vegetables;

  • Eliminates mold from the area dedicated to cold storage;

  • Maintains the storage sanitation inhibiting the pathogen agents;

  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination of pathogens;

  • Extends the validity period of the product (fruits, vegetables);

  • Improves product quality;

  • Controls bad smell;

  • No chemical storage required;

  • No harmful chemical residual left;

  • Eco-friendly and economically feasible technology;

  • Environmentally friendly disinfectant;

  • Save water usage.