O3 Dental Kit

The Dental Kit allows the water ozonation to provide correct hygiene of the mouth of patients during and after treatment, with water with disinfecting properties, bactericide, regenerating and healing without the use of chemicals

The Dental Kit, due to the potentialities of ozone, acts as a disinfectant, eliminating bacteria and accelerating healing process after any treatment, including oral surgery or tooth removal.

It also eliminates the sensation of pain during treatment and shortens treatment time, reducing the need for antibiotics, as the region is immediately and locally disinfected.

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The Dental Kit has 3 (three) distinct functionalities:

  • Connection to the dentist chair for ozonation of running water;
  • Ozonation of 500ml of water with high ozone concentration;
  • Ozone outlet for syringe from 10 to 104 μg/ml.

This equipment has a dedicated outlet for the waterline of the dentist’s chair with LD Ozone, allowing proper hygiene of the patients’ mouth when rinsing the mouth before, during and after the treatment, using only water but enriched with disinfectant, bactericidal properties, regenerating and healing ozone without the use of chemicals. This procedure helps to obtain correct mouth disinfection before any surgical procedure eliminating bacteria and viruses present in the mouth.

Thus, by mouthing the mouth with ozonated water, patients will also eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi due to their strong antimicrobial power.

The use of water with a high ozone concentration allows the cleaning and disinfection of the dental cavities, also allowing the remineralization of the lesions of caries.

This equipment allows the use of 500ml of water with ozone concentrations above 1mg/L, which will ensure the effectiveness of the treatments reducing its time and speeding recovery of the patients, without any side effects and dispensing with the use of chemicals.

Ozone is an oxidant with the ability to effectively eliminate bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

However, in addition to its bactericidal and disinfectant power, ozone still has regenerative properties, which leads not only to the prevention and treatment of infections but also to an acceleration of the regenerative process of the mouth cells.

In addition to its disinfectant property and anti-inflammatory action, ozone also offers immediate pain relief when applied to oral ulcers.

With a Luer Lock outlet, this equipment allows ozone to be collected directly with a syringe at a concentration between 10 and 104 µg/ml.

This output is limited to the connection of the equipment with a medical oxygen cylinder to allow the production of a controlled and accurate ozone concentration to be used in various therapeutic applications of ozone therapy.

This system is ideal for localized ozone application at precise concentrations.

This outlet also allows for the ozonation of olive oil for local application.

Additional information

Weight6 kg
Dimensions45 × 35 × 22 cm


Supply GasMedical Air + Medical O2
Ozone OutputChair: 100 mg/h
Syringe: 10 – 104 µg/ml
Mixer Bottle: 1g/h
Thermal ProtectionYes
Application Dentist chair, Syringe and
High Concentration Water or oil
Dimensions400 x 145 x 300 mm
Voltage240 V DC, 50Hz
Rated Power< 2.5 A
MaterialStainless Steel
MaintenanceAnnual Review