Mini Air Purifier

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Increase the durability of your food in the fridge!

It is so unpleasant to open the fridge and be confronted with the food rotting and the bad odors that this causes inside the fridge.

The Mini Air Purifier can be used inside the fridge to remove bacteria, viruses, fungi and odors because, in addition to removing the bad odors that normally accumulate in the fridge, it also removes bacteria and fungi that normally form, thus prolonging the shelf life of your food, keeping it healthy and fresh for longer.

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This air purifier combines the beneficial effects of ozone and negative ions to purify the air, eliminating bacteria and odors and, in addition,it also removes pesticides that are present in food, without change its taste, vitamins, nutritional values, or life span.

It is ideal for use in spaces such as fridges (domestic or restaurants), as the action of ozone in these spaces inhibits the growth of mold, eliminates bacteria and removes pesticides contained in food, prolonging their freshness and improving their taste, on the other hand, the action of negative ions will purify the air ensuring that your food is preserved in a purer and more natural environment, free from bad odors and allergens, all in a natural and leaving no residue.

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Inside the Fridge:

When used inside the fridge, the Mini Air Purifier has several advantages, namely, prolonging the life of fresh food, without changing its flavor or nutritional properties, keeping it fresh and healthy for longer. In addition, this small device eliminates bad odors, keeping your fridge free from unpleasant odors caused by fungi and bacteria that damage food.

Find out about the results of some tests carried out by independent food control entities.

Food / Vegetable
Life Time in the Fridge
Without Mini Air Purifier
With Mini Air Purifie
Fish & Seafoof
2 to 4 days
9 to 11 days
No smell change
3 to 5 days
10 to 12 days
No color change and better taste
2 to 3 days
7 days
No color or flavor change
2 to 3 days
9 to 11 days
Keeps freshness and flavor
2 to 3 days
10 to 12 days
Keeps freshness and flavor
2 to 3 days
7 to 10 days
Keeps freshness and flavor
Tomatoes & Peppers
2 to 3 days
7 to 10 days
Keeps freshness and flavor
2 to 3 days
7 to 10 days
Keeps freshness and flavor
6 to 7 days
Up to 25 days
No color or flavor change
5 days
15 to 28 days
Keeps freshness and flavor
2 to 3 days
5 to 7 days
Without changes
No flavor change


Note: This table shows the results obtained in several tests carried out by independent food control authorities.


Next to the Fruit Bowl:

Just like when placed inside the fridge, the Mini Air Purifier will prolong the life of fruits, keeping them fresh longer, without affecting their flavor and nutritional value, eliminating bacteria and germs that lead to their deterioration and the appearance of molds, thus repelling the common fruit flies.


Cabinets, Closets, Shoe Racks and Pantry:

Small in size and with 2 operating modes, this small device is ideal for application inside cabinets and pantries in order to keep the equipment or products stored inside your cabinets free of bacteria and germs, as well as removing any smells and odors that can produce.

The Mini Air Purifier removes bad smells and odors quickly, killing bacteria and germs, inhibiting the appearance of mold and mildew, keeping your closets and pantries disinfected in a pleasant environment.


Operating Mode

The Mini Air Purifier can work in two distinct modes, either continuous or per cycle, depending on the need.

In continuous mode the apparatus operates without interruption, this mode only works if the equipment is connected to the current.

On the other hand, in the cyclic mode it operates for two minutes (ON) and breaks for ten minutes (OFF), this mode works with the equipment connected to the current or batteries (4 AA batteries).