Disinfection Tunnel

This O3 Disinfection System allows people and goods to pass on a disinfection tunnel before they enter surfaces where there is considerable movement of people.

When people and goods pass through the disinfection tunnel it will prevent the “transport” of viruses and bacteria to the building’s interior.

Disinfection is carried out without any chemicals, causing no damage to its users or the environment.

Based on a water ozonation system, this system allows a safe and 100% natural disinfection.

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The O3 Disinfection System for Tunnels is ideal for application to the entrance of surfaces where many people circulate. This system, when placed at the building’s entrance such as hospitals, shopping centres, factories, warehouses or even educational establishments, will make it possible to eliminate surface viruses and thus reduce the likelihood of contagion through “carriers”.

This system is for outdoor application, thus not causing a high concentration of breathable ozone since the mixing system is installed in an external tank that will not interfere with the well-being of its users.

The use of this system will allow users, whether people or goods, to be fully sprayed with a high concentration of ozonated water, thus ensuring the safe and effective disinfection of any contact areas (clothing, shoes, face, hair, hands, or goods) that may contain viruses and bacteria.

This system includes the entire water circulation system, requiring only its application next to a water supply point and an electric supply point. It is a 100% natural system that guarantees safe and efficient disinfection without harming the environment or its users.

The spray system allows full coverage of people and goods, to increase high disinfection on the surface, thus preventing the transport of viruses and surface bacteria.

It should also be noted that this is not a system for treating diseases caused by viruses and bacteria, but rather a system for disinfecting and preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria.

This equipment is available with an High Concentration Ozonated Water Tank with inline nozzles system to be fixed in the top of the tunnel that will spray people inside the tunnel.

This system includes 2 modules of ozone generators, with intensity regulation and that can be connected individually or together. This system includes automatic ORP control and it can work with Oxygen or Air.

This system can be adapted to the client’s needs, as in addition to the standard models (6m Tunnel and Individual Cabinet), it can also be built according to the client’s needs.