Car Disinfection

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The Garage O3 System, developed for application in car repair and wash centers, is the perfect solution to guarantee the disinfection of your car, as it treats the air and removes bacteria, virus and odors, reducing the use of chemicals.

It cleans the interior of your vehicle, removing odors, in a 100% natural way, and does not damage it.

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The car is responsible for the spread of a large number of diseases due to the existence of thousands of fungi, virus and bacteria among which some are well known as Legionella, Shigella, Klebsiella pneumoniae or even Covid.

Ozone due to its high oxidizing power can remove much of these microorganisms making the car a safer place.

The smell of tobacco, animals, etc., penetrates tissues and other materials and remains active for a long time and it is difficult to remove these odors.

Thus, only with the use of the Garage O3 System, it is possible to remove bad odors from the interior of vehicles without the need to use chemicals.

One of the advantages of using this ozone generator for the disinfection of the interior of cars is the reduction of costs.

The ozone generator uses air, including oxygen, to generate ozone. Thus, it leads to a cost reduction because no expenses are needed for chemicals or other consumables.

The car is one of the most likely places to spread diseases due to the presence of different bacteria and virus within vehicles.

Ozone, due to its high oxidizing power, reacts with bacteria, viruses, fungi and other harmful substances present in the car eliminating them by making the air pure, fresh, free of odors and disinfected.

The Garage O3 system can be used in workshops and car washes and ensures total disinfection of the interior of the vehicle without the need to resort to chemicals and without leaving residues.

Ozone treatments are one of the best tools to remove these odors as ozone can alter the chemical structure of the molecules that cause the bad smell in a process called oxidation.

Ozone Concentration0.5 ppm2.5 ppm
Before Ozonization600 CFU/m³600 CFU/m³
After Ozonization175 CFU/m³35 CFU/m³
Reduction (%)70%94%

Note: This table refers to tests performed, so the results are approximate as they reflect average values obtained.

Remember that in high concentrations, ozone inhalation can become toxic. Therefore, it is recommended that no one is present in a room where the ozone concentration levels are above 0.1 ppm. In these situations, as a guarantee of absolute security, space must be free for 40 minutes and then people can return normally.

Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions35 × 28 × 18 cm

1g/h 2 Outputs, 2 x 1g/h 4 Outputs, 2g/h 2 Outputs, 2 x 2g/h 4 Outputs, 5g/h 2 Outputs


Supply GasAmbient Air
Ozone Output5g/h
N. of Outputs
Thermal ProtectionYes
Dimensions300 x 125 x 190mm
Voltage240V Ac
Rated Power110W
MaterialStainless Steel
MaintenanceNo maintenance required