LAB O3 System

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The LAB O3 System is an ideal option for Lab R&D, disinfection, oxidation, odor removal and much more.

This Ozone generator comes in 4 models and can be used in many applications as water purification, surfaces sanitation, material sanitation, oxidation, and much more.

With O3 Destructor Included.

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The LAB O3 System can have several advantages when applied in a laboratory. It allows the disinfection of material, air and laboratory in general such as benches, Hottes, laminar flow chambers, etc.

Moreover, it is still possible to use this ozone generator in laboratory ozone research or just to purify water for testing, disinfect the work area, or remove intense smells.

This ozone system can be used in the laboratory for the disinfection of used material.

Ozone, due to its high oxidizing power, eliminates viruses and bacteria by effectively disinfecting the material, providing the necessary conditions to be used in laboratory tests safely and without contamination.

In addition, it can also be used for the disinfection of Hottes since the process of disinfection with UV light or with ethanol are not as effective.

The characteristic of this generator of being able to regulate the ozone concentration produced allows assisting academic and/or laboratory studies that are being carried out with ozone for example or to purify the water used in the tests, among others.

Given the high oxidizing power of ozone, it can also be used to accelerate and facilitate oxidation processes.

The ozone generator for the laboratory allows the water ozonation that can later be used for the disinfection of work areas such as countertops, washbasins, floors, Hottes, laminar flow chambers or any other surface that needs to be disinfected.

One of the advantages of using this ozone generator for laboratory disinfection is cost reduction.

The ozone generator uses indoor air, including oxygen, to generate ozone. Thus, it leads to a cost reduction because no expenses are needed for cleaning products or other consumables.

Ozone Concentration0.5 ppm2.5 ppm
Before Ozonization600 CFU/m³600 CFU/m³
After Ozonization175 CFU/m³35 CFU/m³
Reduction (%)70%94%

Note: This table refers to tests performed, so the results are approximate as they reflect average values obtained.

Remember that in high concentrations, ozone inhalation can become toxic. Therefore, it is recommended that no one is present in a room where the ozone concentration levels are above 0.1 ppm. In these situations, as a guarantee of absolute security, space must be free for 40 minutes and then people can return normally.

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1g/h, 2g/h, 5g/h, 10g/h


Supply GasAir / O2Air / O2Air / O2Air / O2
Thermal ProtectionYesYesYesYes
Ozone Output1g/H2g/H5g/H10g/H
Dimensions300 x 190 x 125 mm300 x 190 x 125 mm300 x 190 x 125 mm400 x 140 x 250 mm
Voltage240 V DC240 V DC240 V DC240 V DC
Rated Power40W75W120W150W
MaterialStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
MaintenanceAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual Review