Tap Water System


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The Tap Water System ozonizes running water from your tap. Ozone is a high disinfectant and can be used to disinfect foods such as fruit and vegetables, everyday objects such as toothbrushes, sport’s bottles, children’s toys, baby bottles, kitchen utensils, or any object accumulating bacteria.

This generator is a great option for preventive care for your family, as it, attached to a tap, naturally disinfects several objects and foods.

The Tap Water System eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses, preventing diseases, and disinfecting food and objects, without leaving residue, applying the best of Ozone to your domestic use.

To purchase this equipment or for more information, send an email to info@solutionozone.com indicating the reference WS-WTSO01.


The purpose of this equipment is to ozonize running water to drink and to disinfect food such as fruit and vegetables, everyday objects, which is any object accumulating bacteria.

Most of the objects we use in our daily lives are contaminated with bacteria and are responsible for the spread of diseases.

Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectants even more effective than chlorine. It allows effective disinfection without the need to resort to the use of chemicals.

Children’s toys, kitchen utensils, bottles, and toothbrushes, among many other objects, can all be disinfected, simply by attaching the generator to your tap.

The Tap Water system makes it possible to directly ozonize the water coming out of the tap, allowing the washing of these objects by disinfecting them and making them safer for daily use.

Easy to handle, this product allows adaptation to almost kind of taps.

Drink ozonated water is a great complement to a healthy life because, due to its properties, ozonated water improves the immune system and prevents infectious diseases such as the flu, among many other benefits.

This equipment allows it to directly treat the water coming out of the tap, therefore, auxiliating the washing of objects by disinfecting them and making them safer for your use.

It is very useful also for foods such as fruit and vegetables, disinfecting these foods and helping to eliminate much of the pesticides or even to reach their complete removal.

One of the examples can be as simple as an object like a toothbrush, children’s toys, food cutting boards or any other everyday object that goes hand in hand.

Also, it allows the washing of meat and fish, ensuring their quality and reducing their bacteria.

Therefore, the spread of diseases is avoided and objects and foods are disinfected without the use of chemicals and without leaving residues.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 26,5 × 23,5 × 10 cm


Model WS-WTSO01
Supply Gas
Ambient Air
Tap Water Flow 4 a 8L/min
Tap Water Pressure 0,14 ~ 0,7 Mpa (20-100psi)
Ozone Concentration 0,5 ~1 mg/L
Dimensions 223 x 163 x 55 mm
Voltage 12 V DC
Rated Power ≤12W
Material Plastic ABS
Maintenance No maintenance required


User Manual – English

Manual do Utilizador – Português